Emergency Response – Experience Matters

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Only experienced spill response teams tackle the most difficult challenges.

The Kiesel Company handles both small and large releases, working in partnership with businesses, local fire departments, Haz Mat teams and State Environmental Agencies. Below are a few examples of The Kiesel Company’s Emergency Response capabilities:

Cold Cutting:

Only one chance to do it right.

With three fire departments staged a mile away, Kiesel successfully cold cuts into a loaded overturned gasoline tanker in order to pump off its load.


Oil Spill Removal Organization.

As a U.S. Coast Guard approved OSRO, Kiesel responds to spills in the Mississippi River. With a permanent inventory of slick boom and sorbent boom, Kiesel is always prepared.

Site Protection and Restoration:

Mitigating long term impact.

After a truck runs off the Interstate into a federal wetlands, Kiesel constructs cofferdams in order to remove the contaminated water and soil while preventing further damage to the fragile environment. Restoration included specialized grasses and wildflowers.